Monday, 25 May 2009

Magazine cover designed using iPhone app

It’s enough to make Vincent yank off his ear, Tracey to throw her soiled knickers around her bedroom and Banksy to vandalise his local street corner. Artistic expression has entered a new age and now needs nothing more than a £2.99 iPhone application to produce something worthy enough for the front page of a top US magazine.

Artist Jorge Colombo took an hour to fingerpaint an intricate Times Square scene using Brushes on his iPhone and The New Yorker magazine has deemed his handy work front cover material for its June issue.

According to sources that know, landing a New Yorker cover is the kind of honour that would define an entire career for many illustrators. So how exactly did Colombo achieve it?

Conspiracy theorists point out that the Conde Nast publication has been running full-page iPhone App Store ads on its back cover for weeks now. But however the deal was struck, you can’t argue with talent and the art world has found a new canvas.

Check out how the magazine cover was painted below.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Experience Marketing Conference line-up: Part 2

My 2009 Excite! conference agenda has gone live. Having spent the past few months putting this programme together, I'll be chairing both days at Earls Court on the 24th and 25th June. Thanks to all the confirmed speakers for agreeing to take part, and impart what promises to be some great insight. The seminars are free to attend. To register for Excite! visit the show website.

24 June
The true test of experience marketing

O2 Head of Events John Worthington and Sledge CEO Nic Cooper (pictured) discuss the value of experience marketing in a recession. With many above the line marketing budgets slashed, what are the benefits of bringing brands to life? How should sponsorship be effectively leveraged? And what are the experiential pitfalls to avoid in order to see a continued rise in event budgets?

What’s the point of Twitter? Developing more integrated campaigns using social media

Social media Viking and Head of Information Architecture, London at, Kai Turner has been crafting digital brand experiences for more than 13 years. His agency was responsible for Mars brand Skittles using a live Twitter search feed as its website home page whilst Kai himself has launched successful Twitter and Facebook campaigns and designed the British Airways Great Britons social website. Kai will deliver a greater understanding of social media channels and how they can be used for more integrated event marketing campaigns.

Getting a return on your event marketing investment

ID Client Services Director, Nicola Jordan explains how experience marketing delivers Return On Investment by showcasing the tools used and methods developed during the agency’s 15 years staging live campaigns.

Launching live!

EA Head of Retail and Experiential Marketing Penny Humphrey and Circle Agency Managing Director Claire Stokes provide an exclusive insight into staging a long-term live product launch campaign using creative brand experiences and celebrity involvement. This exciting launch planned by EA will take place just one month before Excite, so delegates will be the first to discover how it went and what results were achieved.

What next for automotive?

In the absence of a British International Motor Show and a tough climate for the worldwide sales of cars, what future role will experiential play in automotive marketing strategies? Was it the correct decision to cancel a biennial London motoring exhibition? What are the alternatives for engaging dealers and consumers to drive brand advocacy and the sale of cars worldwide? Jamie Gladstone, creative director at Imagination, Michael Wyrley-Birch, client services director at TRO Group and Robin Carlisle, managing director of Mobile Promotions (pictured) discuss the future of automotive events.

25 June
Experience marketing makes good business sense

The strongest business brands are those forging a unique, engaging, and personalised relationship with their customers. Think Apple, IBM, Cisco, P&G. These brands know that creating and sustaining authentic, interactive, and consistent brand experience is the key to brand integrity, strength, and longevity. George P Johnson explores how leading brands are increasingly using experience marketing as the cornerstone of their overall brand strategy. Vice President and Managing Director EMEA Kim Myhre will share case studies on how brands are using both live and online experiences to drive business success.

Clearly Smirnoff

RPM's Dom Robertson (pictured) and Rob Wilson explore how experiential can work at the heart of a brand's communication platform by presenting Smirnoff's Original Nights, a truly integrated programme. This session is a must-attend for client event organisers keen to discover what an agency expects from the agency / client relationship. It will provide a strategic insight into managing the expectations of both the client and nightclub / bar promoters. Discover how RPM works with PR, above-the-line and digital to create this series of brand-owned Smirnoff consumer experiences.

12.30pm Close